Meet Baileys Team

Marcia Bailey

Has been working in the Hair and Beauty Industry for over 30 years. “My focus is my team and salon. I love enriching and building my team with the wisdom that I have gained. My passion is to lead and develop my team to be the best that they can be by giving the utmost respect to each and every client, in order to deliver the very best experience in our salon.” Follow me and my team @marcia_baileyandco


Our Manager “Gennah”side by side with Marcia is our Team Leader. Gennah is Australia’s and Bailey’s best Import from the UK! Gennah has helped Baileys to gain the reputation for which it is known today. Gennah loves all aspects of hairdressing but most of all loves the interaction with her clients and making them look and feel amazing. Expect The Highest Quality Of Care! Follow Gennah on Instagram @gennah_baileyandco


Shanna completed her apprenticeship at Baileys and is one of Bailey’s amazing and talented Creative Director. Shanna loves the creative side of hairdressing and is always up for a change and a challenge, Shanna has the Knowledge and the passion for amazingly healthy and beautiful hair. Creative Flare with Care! Follow Shanna on Instagram @shanna_baileyandco


Bright and bubbly, with just a touch of crazy, Charlee is soaking up all the knowledge she can get her hands on as she continues her journey as a Junior Stylist at Baileys. With a background in Beauty, Charlee is focused on making clients feel as wonderful as they will look when they leave the salon. Be sure to visit Charlee for an amazing scalp massage! Follow Charlee on Instagram @charlee_baileyandco


Elina is one of our wonderful Junior Stylists with a sparkle in her eye and a passion for learning about all things hair. Our little Russian firecracker is ready to make your next visit to Baileys one to remember! She is excited to broaden her knowledge, especially when it comes to creating stunning colours! Follow me on Instagram @elina_baileyandco


Em has recently completed her apprenticeship with us and is now our fully qualified go to Blonde & Balayage Queen! Her enthusiasm and passion for everything hair is admirable. watch this space, Em is ready to rock the hairdressing world. Follow Em on Instagram @emmalou_baileyandco


The face behind the desk and our socials. Tina is our multitasking queen! From posting and updating on our socials to ensuring every clients secures the booking that suits them best. If there is something Tina can’t do, we’re yet to find out!


Brittany may be quiet but her hair is loud! Brittany’s passion for hair began as a little girl and now she is ready to take on the hair world, get creative and absorb everything from her team at Bailey Hair Salon to be the best she can be! Follow Brittany on Instagram @brittanylee_baileyandco


Meet Jamie! With 8 year’s experience behind her, Jamie’s passion for everything hair started from a young age watching her mum achieving her own goals in her hairdressing career. Jamie is Bailey & Co’s beautiful and confident hair perfectionist and she is Happiest when doing colour and enjoys getting creative with cuts and styling. Jamie is always evolving and educating herself with the latest trends to meet and exceed her client’s expectations every time. Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamie_baileyandco


Recently moved to Victoria from Canberra Leesa joins our team of Creative Directors. Bubbling with enthusiasm and knowledge with over 7 years’ experience in the hair industry. Leesa is Extremely talented and has already cemented herself as an integral part of our team. Follow Leesa on Instagram @leesa_baileyandco


Shae joins the Bailey’s family ready to evolve into our next best stylist! Soaking up all the knowledge from her fellow team members as she begins her career in the hair industry. Participating & thriving in hair competitions as she moves through her apprenticeship is Shae’s goal. One to definitely watch. Follow Shae on Instagram @shae_baileyandco


The voice behind the phone and face behind the desk! After years in various industry environments Elyce has found the perfect fit to unleash her bubbly personality and creativity within the hair world at Bailey & Co.

Salon Select accreditation means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will receive high quality salon services as well as clean and hygienic conditions,
professional stylists who can understand just what you need. Salon select members have met these standards, and will provide you with the very best in Hairdressing.