7 Tips for Hair Protection in Summer

Summer is the only season where it seems appropriate to be completely free, to take risks, to frolic and bask around the beaches and poolsides of the world. But just like skin, hair needs careful protection from the sun and fun of summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you move through the hot summer months.
Keep your color natural.
More than any other time, it is chic and beneficial to let your hair be as it is in summer. Sun, heat, salt and other elements are already pretty harsh on the hair. Why add color treatment to the mix? Go au naturel until fall arrives.
Create a shield before sunning and swimming.

The most enjoyable things about summer—warm weather, time outdoors, exploring and swimming—can really take their toll on the hair. Before you indulge in summer fun, pre-soak your strands with fresh water, and slather it in a leave-in conditioning cream. Already soaked in pure, nourishing, protective things, hair will be less likely to absorb damaging elements like chlorine and salt.

Cleanse with care.
Hair gets pretty soiled at the beach or pool. The temptation is to scrub it clean, and often. That’s perfectly fine, so long as you use an appropriately gentle shampoo, formulated especially to clarify hair from salt, chlorine and sand residue, and protect it from the next day’s sun session. This will cut down on unnecessary drying.
Avoid too much heat.

Summer is hot already. Your hair doesn’t need intense blow drying and hot tools on top of all that sun. The key is to limit your heat styling as much as possible. Try air drying most of the way, and only use styling irons occasionally. It’ll really minimize seasonal damage.

Lock in moisture.

Dry hair is summer’s biggest woe. You need all the moisture you can get. Which is no problem when you have a good solid routine of hydrating products—start with a good mask and leave-in conditioner. Also, when you go outside, try to wear a hat. It’ll keep the sun off your hair and preserve the moisture inside.

Stay healthy and hydrated.
Health is essential to overall beauty, and hair is no exception. To keep strands from getting too dry in summer, drink plenty of cooling liquids and add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. A healthy, hydrated body makes beautiful hair much more achievable, especially in summer.
Indulge in a night treatment.

The long, hot days of summer really do a number on your hair. Nighttime is a great opportunity to repair and restore its vitality. Apply a nourishing leave-in conditioning cream to hair before bed, concentrating on the dry, frizzy areas. By the time you wake up, your hair problems will have disappeared.

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