5 Summer Hair Myths That You Need to Stop Believing

Hair care myths happen all the time, but summer hair is its own animal. Hair requires special treatment during this hot, active season, but there are many misunderstandings about how to do it properly. Here are a few we’d like to clear up, so you can have radiant hair all summer long.

Myth 1: Don’t wash your hair every day.

This is a common year-round hair myth, but it’s particularly important to address in summer. With travel, activity, salt and chlorine in the picture, hair gets extra soiled in summer, which is why a clarifying cleanse might be necessary on a daily basis. The key is to use the correct summer-care product, one that will gently remove pollutants and external aggressors and provide sun protection, so hair doesn’t get dry and suffer breakage.

Myth 2: Frizzy summer hair can be tamed by wetting it.

It seems to make sense. Dry hair is frizzy hair, and wetting it down should moisturize it, right? No, not true. Water actually makes hair frizzier. A good, anti-frizz hair mask or leave-in conditioning cream, formulated especially for summer, is necessary to smooth hair and control frizz.

Myth 3: Hair doesn’t grow in the summer.

The opposite is true here. Hair isn’t essential to body function, so in cold weather, blood flow is diverted to the internal organs, slowing hair growth. In warm weather, the skin enjoys more circulation at the surface, which enlivens the follicles and increases hair growth. Hair actually grows 10-15% faster in the summer.

Myth 4: Using conditioner during the summer makes hair oily.

Conditioning is actually highly beneficial in the summer months. Hair has a tendency to become dry in summer, due to exposure to the season’s elements. Summer heat, along with chlorine, salt and sand, will cause dryness and, eventually, breakage. Nourishing products like a hair mask and daily leave-in conditioning cream are essential to keeping hair healthy in summer.

Myth 5: Don’t use hair oil during the summer.

Applying hair oil is actually very nourishing. It can counteract the stressors of summer and also protect hair from harsh elements like heat and sun. It coats the hair and gives it a protective shield, so it doesn’t soak up so much salt and chlorine when you swim. Hair oil is your friend all year round, but especially in the summer, even if it’s just for the incredible shine it leaves behind.

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